Designed Safety Lead Training

How to Implement the EcclesiaSafe Program

Case 1


A ten-year old Sunday School student is sitting alone after Sunday School at breaktime, crying softly. Her Sunday School teacher sits down next to her to ask, “What’s the matter?” She replies that she thinks she won’t be in the Kingdom because she’s “done naughty things.” The teacher asks, “What do you mean?” The student says her Stepfather (a brother in the ecclesia) sometimes puts his hand down her pants and rubs her private parts.

Case 2


A CYC Counselor hears from some CYCers that a 18-year-old male CYC member, and his 16-year-old girlfriend of one year (also in the CYC), are “having sex.”

Case 3


You overhear two sisters talking in the lobby of the ecclesial hall. One says, “The Arranging Board never addresses issues that are right in their face! Brother X is probably a child-molester, and no one wants to admit it. I mean, just look at the way he looks at children.”

Case 4


A 24-year-old sister in your meeting shares with you that her father (a brother who is out of fellowship, and not attending any ecclesia for a number of years) “sexually molested” her when she was a child. She’s never told anyone about this before telling you. There are many children and some grandchildren in this sister’s extended family that her father is in contact with.

Case 5


A 12-year-old male Sunday School student is interested in baptismal classes. His male Sunday School teacher has offered to do those private classes with him, but the boy told you he’d “rather have a female teacher instead, because my Sunday School teacher wants me to do weird things.” Upon learning the boy said this about him, the Sunday School teacher was very angry, and said, “it’s probably for the best, this boy is quite immature, and untrustworthy, he makes up all kinds of lies about me.”