The EcclesiaSafe Consultation Group (ESCG) provides access to volunteer brothers and sisters who have experience with abuse in its various forms. Group members agree to some basic standards of care and are available to ecclesial and Christadelphian organizational leaders who are responding to abuse allegations.

Members: Brothers or sisters who meet the following criteria:

  • Are in good standing in their respective ecclesias.
  • Are recommended for their expertise and/or spiritual counsel on sensitive matters.
  • Have specialized training in addressing abuse (child, dating, spousal, dependent adult, elder,  sexual, physical, emotional, financial, etc.), and/or,
  • Have 5+ years providing consultation in the Christadelphian community to leadership on abuse  allegations and are recommended to the Consultation Group.
  • Annually agree to participation, standards of confidentiality, child protection reporting, conflicts of  interest policy, and seek to uphold the reputation of the ESCG.

Engagement Process: A list of volunteer members, their qualifications and areas of expertise is provided to ecclesial leaders. Ecclesial leaders can choose to engage volunteer(s) as their expertise fits with their needs. Members who are not available for consultation will inform the ESCG group facilitator to be temporarily or permanently removed from the online list.
Information Obtained: Name, Ecclesia, training/degrees, preferred contact information, signed confidentiality and conflict of interest agreements

Agreement on Range of Duties:

  • Respond within 24 hours.
  • Provide consultation meeting(s), with recommendations for local support.
  • Utilize project policies and videos as additional support.
  • Consult with other ESCG group consultants as needed.
  • Assure that the proper local authorities are engaged, given local legal requirements for child abuse reporting, etc.
  • Maintain confidential records of consultations.

Recognize, prevent, and respond to abuse.