Guide to Online Video Course

Course Title: Enough! Preventing Child Sexual Abuse in My Youth Organization


Why this training?
Preventing child sexual abuse starts with getting everyone informed.

Who should be trained?
In most cases, ecclesias want to educate all adult members because the more trained everyone is, the more we can all help prevent abuse.

What are the key topics?
Learning what abuse is. How and where it happens. Dispelling myths. The warning signs. The tragic impact on kids-families-ecclesias. Protection is also about getting trained about using proven measures that reduce the risk.

Why an online course?
Each member can access professionally prepared material at his/her pace with everyone coming away with the same training.

What’s the goal?
With God’s blessing, such education inspires members to come together and establish readily achievable practices to keep our kids safe.

How is the course paid for?
There is no cost to the ecclesia or the students. The cost is covered by the Tidings for the first 250 students that take the course, using the link supplied by the Tidings.

How do our members take the course?
The recording brother sends out a communication to all adult ecclesial members, with a link to take the course included. This information was forwarded to your recording brother separately. Consider setting a training period and deadline for members to complete the course.


The development team reviewed four online courses and selected this course based on the professional history of the sponsor, content, presentation quality, length, and the customized logistical support offered by the sponsor (Enough! Abuse Campaign) to the Christadelphian community.

Those working directly with minors (SS teachers, CYC leaders, etc.) will benefit from this online course. This training cannot fully satisfy the additional training needed on appropriate response to, and reporting of, suspected or known sexual abuse. Those requirements and laws are jurisdiction specific.  Governing authorities typically require “mandated reporter” or similar training for those directly working with minors and for leadership. Your ecclesia should arrange for this special training about the legal response/reporting requirements in your jurisdiction. Guidance from your local child protective service agency is suggested.


Bro. Howard Schlottman, San Diego Ecclesia

How Members take the online course



We suggest the ecclesia hold an all-member meeting to introduce the EcclesiaSafe program and its resources. Together members view the Introduction, Program Resources video (18 minutes) under the Resources for Members tab, which also explains the online course.



Following the initial ecclesial meeting and review of the Introduction, Program Resources video, the recording brother (or designate) sends a broadcast email invitation to each adult member. The log-in link for the first 250 trainees is embedded in the sample letter.



From his/her email, the member clicks on the link. The member is asked to open a student account and then can proceed to start the course.


Note: After your set training period has closed, consider scheduling another all-member meeting to discuss the training and what steps the ecclesia wishes to take.

Optional: Consider keeping a copy of a sample email sent to members inviting them to take the course.  It could be useful to have an official record that demonstrates your ecclesia carries out periodic child sexual abuse prevention training for adult members.

Recognize, prevent, and respond to abuse.